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This page is part of the 2012 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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Green Initiatives

At Melbourne Writers Festival we try to reduce our carbon footprint through green office policies, responsible sourcing arrangements and the introduction of a modest carbon offset levy of 50c per transaction.

Melbourne Writers Festival will be investing the money raised from this carbon offset levy with Climate Positive, a local, award-winning, not-for-profit organisation.

Climate Positive deals with the root cause of global warming through funding offset projects that prevent emissions and build renewable energy capacity. It handles historical carbon debt through the additional step of replanting biodiverse forests on cleared land.  

Carbon offset charge

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, Melbourne Writers Festival includes a voluntary carbon offset charge within our ticket price.

Under the Australian government’s current legislation, a carbon price is set for Australia’s 500 largest polluters, encouraging these big, heavy polluting businesses to reduce their emissions, improve profitability and competitiveness, and move to cleaner energy technologies.

However, the carbon reduction target which leading scientists consider is necessary for us to have a positive impact on climate change is higher than the target which can be achieved by taxing these big businesses alone.

Climate Positive are therefore encouraging all of their partners – individuals, households and businesses – to take responsibility for their own emissions by voluntarily measuring, reducing and offsetting their carbon footprint.

Melbourne Writers Festival adds a carbon offset fee of 50c to each transaction, on an opt-out basis. If you don’t wish to participate, simply remove the fee from your booking before proceeding with the transaction.

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