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This page is part of the 2011 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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Bookcamp: The Story of the Future

Kassia Krozser, Kate Pullinger, Hugh McGuire

The Wheeler Centre - CODE 7091

Bookcamp is an 'unconference' and its mission is to explore the future of new book technologies - and consider how storytelling can be supported or transformed by new media. An 'unconference' turns the centrally-programmed, top-down traditional conference model on its head. It's a one-day, open, user-generated conversation where participants choose the agenda. Three international guests - Kate Pullinger (UK), Kassia Krozser (US), Hugh McGuire (Canada) - will act as provocateurs to spark conversation and ideas, while participants form groups to discuss, design, debate and create. Bookcamp is for writers, readers, typographers, cover designers, technologists, gamers, booksellers, literary agents, publishers and geeks - all those with a stake in the future of books. For more information visit

Proudly presented in partnership with if:book

Melbourne Writers Festival, 25 Aug 2011 - 04 Sept 2011
Level 1, 176 Lt Lonsdale Street, The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne VIC 3000
Box Office: +61 (0)3 9999 1199, T: +61 (0)3 9094 7859, F: +61 (0)3 9650 6467

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