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Lijia Zhang

Lijia Zhang
Lijia Zhang was born in 1964 and raised on the Yangtze River. At 16, she began her decade-long job at a missile factory.To escape the oppressive routine, she read and taught herself English.

In 1990, Lijia went to England to study journalism. Her articles have been published in South China Morning Post, Far Eastern Economic Review, Japan Times, The Independent, The Observer and Newsweek.

She co-authored China Remembers (OUP, 1999) and her memoir Socialism is Great! A Worker’s Memoir of The New China is published by UWA Press. Her first novel, Lotus, will be released in 2009.

Lijia Zhang will be appearing:

The future of China
Lijia Zhang's life took a dramatic turn when she escaped her life in the missile factory into literature.