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Tim Rowse

Tim Rowse is an academic, best known for his biography of Dr. H.C.'Nugget' Coombs and for his books and essays about the history and contemporary circumstances of Indigenous Australians. Raised and educated in Sydney, he became interested in Indigenous issues after visiting Alice Springs in 1981.

He lived for most of the ten years 1987-1996 in Alice Springs, where he worked with, and sometimes for, Aboriginal organisations and for the Menzies School of Health Research. Since 2000, Tim has worked at the Australian National University, and in January 2009 he will take up a chair in the Centre for Citizenship and Public Policy at the University of Western Sydney (Bankstown campus).

His most recent book (co-authored with Murray Goot) is Divided Nation? Indigenous affairs and the imagined public (MUP 2007) a critical study of Australian public opinion and of the increasing use of polls by the press and the political elite.

Tim's current teaching and research interests include studying two very different idioms in which Indigenous interests nowadays come before the Australian public: Indigenous autobiographies and official statistics. He is married to artist Jan Mackay; they have a teenage daughter, Anna.

Tim Rowse will be appearing:

Tim Rowse discusses the long and unhappy history of intervention in Indigenous lives.