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Liz Porter

Liz Porter
Liz Porter is the author of Written on the Skin: An Australian Forensic Casebook and joint winner of the 2007 Ned Kelly Award for best true crime book. The work shows how forensic experts use their specialist knowledge to solve crimes.
She is a feature writer with Melbourne’s The Sunday Age and maintains a special interest in legal and forensic science stories. Liz’s previous work includes the novel Unnatural Order (Reed Books, 1995). She began her journalism career in Hong Kong before returning to her home town of Melbourne. In 2001 she won a National Media and Advertising Award for her realistic portrayal of older people and in 2002 she won the Victoria Law Foundation's legal reporter of the year award.

She is a tragically passionate follower of the AFL club St Kilda. Liz lives with her partner, her teenage daughter and the obligatory female-writer quota of two cats.

Liz Porter will be appearing:

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