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Charmaine O'Brien

Charmaine O'Brien
Charmaine O’Brien was born in Melbourne in 1964 and she cannot remember a time when she has not been interested in food. As a child, she delighted in pouring over her mother’s cookbooks and her working life has always been food focused.

After spending too much time at university, Charmaine finally decided that her perfect career was one that combined cookery, travel and people; prerequisites which made writing books about food the obvious path to follow! Charmaine is the author of Flavours of Melbourne: A Culinary Biography (Wakefield Press, 2008), Flavours of Delhi: A Food Lovers Guide (Penguin Books, India, 2003), Recipes from an Urban Village (The Hope Project, 2004) and co-author of World Food: New Orleans (Lonely Planet, 2000).

She is also a culinary educator and regularly teaches cookery; speaks about food and travel; creates incredible meals for well-loved friends and caters small events for favoured clients.

Charmaine O'Brien will be appearing:

A walking tour of Melbourne's culinary history, with Charmaine O'Brien SOLD OUT