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Susan Maushart

Susan Maushart
Columnist, author and social commentator Dr. Susan Maushart is a mother of three, yet still finds time to be a control freak. Maushart writes a weekly column in The Weekend Australian Magazine, hosts the ABC online series, Multiple Choice and her essays and reviews have appeared in many international publications.

A Senior Research Fellow in Media, Society and Culture at Curtin University, Maushart’s first book, Sort of a Place Like Home, a history of the Moore River Native Settlement, won the Festival Prize for Literature (Non-Fiction) at the Adelaide Writers’ Festival. The best-selling The Mask of Motherhood was hailed by The Sunday Times of London as “a feminist classic” and Wifework: What Marriage Really Means for Women started arguments in seven languages.

Her latest book, What Women Want Next, examines feminine fulfilment in a post-feminist world.

Susan Maushart will be appearing:

Has feminism come a long way or just gone in a big exasperating circle?