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Lucy Malouf

Lucy Malouf
In 1998 Lucy Malouf traded in her life as a Wall Street analyst to pursue her passion for food by marrying a chef and becoming a waitress. Although neither of these moves proved successful in the long run, they were the starting point for her new career as a food and travel writer.

After marrying internationally acclaimed chef, Greg Malouf, the two combined their skills to write a monthly recipe column for The Australian and articles for Australian Gourmet Traveller and Vogue Entertaining. Later, they co-wrote the best-selling food and travel books: Arabesque, Moorish, Saha and Turquoise.

The Malouf’s travel around Australia and internationally for masterclass presentations and to speak at food and writing festivals.

Lucy Malouf will be appearing:

Charmaine O’Brien and Lucy Malouf will help you evoke past and place through reclaiming your memories of food.