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This page is part of the 2008 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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Michela "M" Ledwidge

Michela "M" Ledwidge is an artist and film director who develops stories and storytelling tools in tandem. In 1993 she set up the first web site in New South Wales. In 2001 she wrote, directed and produced the interactive short film Horses for Courses which won the Web3D art prize at SIGGRAPH 2001. In 2004, she received a NESTA Inventions award in the UK for her notion of re-mixable films and founded MOD Films. She has worked on a wide range of productions across industries – recently, the BBC iPlayer service and her forthcoming re-mixable sci-fi, ‘Sanctuary’.

Michela "M" Ledwidge will be appearing:

Bring your laptop computer or mobile phone and be part of a live multimedia remix event