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Professor Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer
Germaine Greer was born in Melbourne and in 1969 she was commissioned to write a book on the failure of female emancipation. The result was The Female Eunuch. In 1979 she took up a post as Visiting Professor at the University of Tulsa. With three of her students she produced the influential anthology, Kissing the Rod: An Anthology of Seventeenth Century Women’s Verse (1988) which led to her setting up her own imprint Stump Cross Books.

She spends four months of every year in Australia where she runs a rainforest rehabilitation project in SE Queensland. She writes a regular column in The Guardian. The latest of her 20 books is On Rage and Shakespeare’s Wife.

Germaine Greer will be appearing:

On Rage - Keynote Address with Prof. Germaine Greer