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Andrew Davies

Andrew Davies has been writing since 1965. He has written TV originals and adaptations, Emmy Award winning House of Cards, and BAFTA winning Bleak House; and films, Circle of Friends, Tailor of Panama, and both Bridget Jones films. He is currently working on a contemporary drama, Sleep With Me, and another Dickens’ epic, Little Dorrit.

Andrew has written children’s books, Conrad’s War, Alfonso Bonzo and the Marmalade Atkins series; plays; adult novels, Getting Hurt and B.Monkey; unmade films, Rossini, Rossini for Robert Altman and The Count of Monte Cristo for Roman Polanski; and a short story collection, Dirty Faxes.

Andrew Davies will be appearing:

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Andrew Davies has made a career of turning classic novels – such as Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House – into classic TV series, and he’s here to divulge his secrets.