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Fiona Capp

Fiona Capp
Fiona Capp has trained as a journalist, has a PhD in English and has worked as a freelance writer and university tutor in English, Journalism and Novel Writing. Her first book was Writers Defiled and her follow-up novels include Night Surfing and Last of the Sane Days, which was shortlisted for The Age Fiction Book of the Year.

Her memoir, That Oceanic Feeling, won the Australians Studying Abroad Travel Writing Prize and the Nita B. Kibble Literary Award in 2004. Her latest novel, set in the nineteenth century Victorian goldfields, is Musk & Byrne. Capp lives in Brunswick, Melbourne, with her partner and son.

Fiona Capp will be appearing:

Between the present and the fictional past.
Four authors re-imagine familiar narratives
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