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This page is part of the 2008 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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30 August sessions

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Date of event: 30th August 2008

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Tales of ordinary madness.
Three authors out to convince us they are straight as a die.
Don Watson directs his gaze across the Pacific.
Robert Drewe and Anita Heiss reveal the authors they love.
Can you have family and artistic fulfilment?
Discussing crime writing from around the world.
Lijia Zhang's life took a dramatic turn when she escaped her life in the missile factory into literature.
Is a novel with a crime at its heart always a crime novel?
Is victory possible?
The impetus provided by family love.
Graeme Blundell describes his life of many parts.
Writers with Melbourne tattooed across their hearts.
Verse that is low on fizz so you can slam it down fast.
Are Australia's intellectual resources running low?
A celebration of autobiographical writing by Jewish migrants.
Writing indigenous policy.
Whose voices are we hearing within the pages of history?
A full day of activities for children under 13 years.
Has feminism come a long way or just gone in a big exasperating circle?
Hidden Queensland.
Andrew Davies has made a career of turning classic novels – such as Pride and Prejudice and Bleak House – into classic TV series, and he’s here to divulge his secrets.
Mark Sarvas will give wannabe literary novelists a tough-love shove towards writing their first big book.
Lloyd Jones focuses on some of the elements that make a fictional world credible and persuasive in the mind of the reader.
Charmaine O’Brien and Lucy Malouf will help you evoke past and place through reclaiming your memories of food.
The poetry of Anna Akhmatova
Retrace the history of the city’s gutsy and glitzy rag trade SOLD OUT
Unborn Beauty: Celebrating Pregnancy and Parenthood
Parentonomics by Joshua Gans
The Unlikely Voyage of Jack de Crowe by A.J. Mackinnon
Reading Material
Poetry makes nothing happen????
Experience three poets with filmmaker Nicholas Hansen, as they turn the Festival Club into an environment of the poetical.
Josh Earl will bring his special brand of librarianship and humour to the festival club.
15 Minutes of Fame – in conjunction with the Emerging Writers’ Festival the MWF presents a short interview, reading and Q&A with one of the city’s newest literary talents.
Singer-songwriter and playwright, James Griffin, performs an evocation, in poetry & music, inspired by a country town of Australia.
Love TV examines intimate conversations in public spaces on the universal subject of love.