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This page is part of the 2008 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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28 August sessions

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Date of event: 28th August 2008

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What went wrong at Abu Ghraib?
Dry humour meets crime fiction
The growing interest of electronic porn
Three authors discuss the exceptions humour allows
A discussion of some Russia's finest love poetry
Bloggers discuss the complex market of cyber space
Secrets are spilled in the Lucy family
Going Down Swinging and Tracie Morris deliver an unforgettable performance.
A French documentary on crime

Romance and unfulfilled desires with Blanche d’Alpuget.

The criticism of literature and criticism as literature.
A shortlisted favourite for the 2007 Man Booker Prize, speaks.

The aftermath of Mulrunji's death in custody
Insight into breaking into the publishing industry

An examination of Rupert Murdoch
Australian Book Designers share their ideas
A discussion of contemporary art writing
The impact of Melbourne's hippest '70s venues on future theatre generations
A graphic dicussion with un-squeaumish writers
Contemporary European poetry meets film
Climate change and the change in symbolism
‘One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.’
Discover a new layer of the city with Fiona Sweetman BOOKED OUT
Eat Drink Read Live
A collaborative space in literature to cut, paste, tweak, twist, shuffle, add and republish
Braybrook launched!
Award Winning Australian Writing 2008
Why one in three Australian babies are born by caesarean section?
Avoiding Mr Right by Anita Heiss
The Ned Kelly Awards celebrate Australian crime writing, in the fields of fiction and non fiction, in a three-part event: an address by Rhys Muldoon, a crime debate, and awards presentations.