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This page is part of the 2008 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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23 August sessions

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Date of event: 23rd August 2008

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Dying’s an art like everything else.
Helen Garner reflects on her long and successful writing career and her latest work of fiction.
Listen to Robert Muchamore's stories of under-aged spies with low-slung jeans and skateboards.
All's fair in love, war and free trade?
David Rakoff delivers a monologue on the culture of excess.
Theatre seen across two generations.
Frightening or funny, the father casts a large shadow across a child's life.
The Di Vinci of political machinations, Bruce Petty's cartoons have had fans pouring over every scribble, jot and blot.
Writing talent is a stream that replenishes itself. Sometimes, though, it needs the help of diviners.

Are the best novels moral, immoral or amoral?
Tim Rowse discusses the long and unhappy history of intervention in Indigenous lives.

Worlds in which young readers can lose themselves.
Nam Le's The Boat is making waves.

A tall tale, a lost child, a Mughal Emperor - Salman Rushdie's new novel The Enchantress of Florence is a charmer.

Brilliant & provocative director Barrie Kosky returns to his childhood passions...
Alex Miller speaks about his life before writing, his life since, and the ideas and stories that still inspire him.
True crime. It's not like TV.
Naomi Ragen is a contradiction even in Israel, the paradoxical country which is her home and the setting for her novels.
A common view amongst Western philosophers was that all thought in the Asian traditions was not philosophy, but religion or mysticism.
A full day of activities for children under 13 years.
This is the story of a memo, sent by Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld....
Master of self-mockery, David Sedaris belongs to that great family of American humorists who have used a prickly irony to skewer the world. SOLD OUT
Novelist Susan Johnson will lead you through passages of three novels about love.
Rachel Cohn discusses writing young adult fiction using popular examples.
Elly Varrenti and Dmetri Kakmi discuss various techniques for recapturing your past.
Retrace the history of the city's gutsy and glitzy rag trade - SOLD OUT
The F Word: How We Learned to Swear by Feminism by Jane Caro and Catherine Fox
Ma Folie Française (My French Folly) by Marisa Raoul
The Chinawoman by Ken Oldis
Stories Our Parents Found Too Painful To Tell Launch
Blue Velvet presents a line up of Melbourne's mind-blowing spoken word performers including: Felix Nobis, Josephine Rowe, Anthony O'Sullivan, Geoff Lemon, Santo Cazzati and Crazy Elf.
Josh Earl will bring his special brand of librarianship and humour to the festival club.
15 Minutes of Fame – in conjunction with the Emerging Writers’ Festival, the MWF presents a short interview, reading and Q&A with literary talent Simmone Howell.
Emilie Zoey Baker is a multi-award winning spoken word performer who will deliver an evening of performance hijinks.
Love TV examines intimate conversations in public spaces on the universal subject of love.