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This page is part of the 2008 FESTIVAL ARCHIVE.
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22 August sessions

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Date of event: 22nd August 2008

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Gerry Simpson and Julian Burnside debate the tensions inherent in war crime trials from Nuremberg to the trial of Saddam Hussein.
Perpendicular pronoun practioners discuss mining the personal SOLD OUT
Jolley's life, career and her significance in Australian literature
Family pacts, secrets and alliances
When one culture displaces another, new worlds are born.
More than a frisson of fear through their locations
Tensions and fault-lines - the result of polarised religious and cultural values?
Investigative journalists Hedley Thomas and Caroline Overington discuss their work
An extravagantly visual homage to Australian domestic architecture.
How do you care for the ageing parents you have spent a lifetime avoiding?
The power and relevance of the political cartoon
Foreign correspondents discuss their work.
A celebration of twenty years of Creative Writing at RMIT University.
Georgette Heyer brought to her Regency romances a great depth of historical research.
Why do we love the people we love?
A full day of activities for children under thirteen years.
Nothing but the man – Paul Keating SOLD OUT
Renowned independent journalist John Pilger speaks about complicity and compliance and what the rest of us can do.
Kate Rowland, the BBC's Creative Director of New Writing, explains how to write a compelling opening.
Humorist David Rakoff shows how to make your funny stories reflect the wider world and make readers think as well as laugh.
Australian Society of Authors’ Jeremy Fisher covers all the major legal issues a modern writer might face.
Australian Society of Authors’ Jeremy Fisher talks about what it is like to be a writer in Australia today.
Arnold Zable and Alice Pung analyse the different approaches the writer can take towards migration stories.
Discover a new layer of the city with Fiona Sweetman Sold Out
Eat Drink Read Live
50 writers and artists collaborate
Wasp Season by Jennifer Scoullar
Over There: Poems From Singapore and Australia and One Earth
The Australian Writer's Marketplace 2009/2010
Making Modern Melbourne by Jenny Lee
The SPUNC Cabaret presents the best of the independent press from around Australia, in this irreverent hour of literary mayhem.

Josh will bring his special brand of librarianship and humour to the festival club.
15 Minutes of Fame – in conjunction with the Emerging Writers’ Festival, the MWF presents a short interview, reading and Q&A with literary talent Maxine Clarke.
The National Jazz Writing Competition celebrates writing that is inspired by or responds to jazz and improvised music. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners announced.
Love TV examines intimate conversations in public spaces on the universal subject of love.